Tuesday, June 08, 2004

Dakena Thomas: Motivation and Hard Work

Dakena Thomas has a simple formula for success: education, motivation, and hard work. I think this formula applies to most Africans; especially those still struggling to survive in an alien environment.

Although Dakena is a relatively new refugee from Liberia, he has managed to convince me that he is ready to lead a successful life in Australia. He is the most highly motivated individual I have ever met. In fact, he’s got what it takes to be successful: the drive, a “wicket” sense of humour, and a strong determination to succeed.

Come to think of it, Dakena works most nights of the week. And during the day, he studies, full-time, for a Diploma in Business Administration. He is a bundle of energy with a nerve of steel. Meanwhile, he is doing extremely well and has the ability to do even better in years to come. His work ethics is the envy of many.

Ever so humble and focused, Dakena still believes he has a long way to go before reaching his goal of a stable financial future. “I am still learning about life as a refugee; still trying to figure out how the Australian system works”, he says, “ I work hard everyday because I have a wife and three lovely kids to support”. And a whole, prosperous, future ahead of him here in South Australia.

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