Saturday, June 19, 2004


This year’s World Refugee Day celebration on Sunday June 20 will have a special significance for the Africans in South Australia in that it will give them the opportunity to showcase their creative impulse. It will be a day to remember; a day of fun and frolic; of music and entertainment. A day for all supporters of the refugee cause.

The afternoon gig will feature a 12-member outfit popularly known as the Nile Band - a dynamic group of musicians from Sudan and Liberia . The group has five vocalists, among whom are the following Sudanese refugees: Deng Manyuon, 27, Grang Kuol, 20, Eva Tear, 19, and Steve Tongun, 16. These young people have found a new home in Australia and are now celebrating their new lives through music.

The Nile Band will play at the Governor Hindmarsh Hotel for the World Refugee Day. And they will get the crowd on their feet with the energy and vitality of contemporary rhythms from Africa.

The main theme of the event is “ A place to call home” and it is a tribute to the displaced people in the world trying to rebuild their lives in safety and dignity.

The event is fully sponsored by the Australian Refugee Association (ASA) and the Migrant Health Service (MHS).
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