Monday, June 21, 2004


African culture is alive and well in Australia.

On the 26th June, the African Heritage Association of South Australia (AHASA) will present a big “African Night”, the 2004 African culture mega show. The event will be held at the Ukrainian Hall, 66 Orsmond Street, in Hindmarsh.

The night will feature a blend of good food and drinks from all corners of Africa by seasoned Chefs. In fact, the mega show is an opportunity to showcase the best of African arts and crafts and world music from the Caribbean, as well as musical genres from South Africa, West Africa, Central and East Africa.

The highlights of the night will be Ebby Allottey and the “Afrikeeko” from Ghana whose repertoire includes the “Highlife” music, soca, funk, and reggae. And, of course, the Super Nile Band from the Sudan will be on show.

Also taking the centre stage will be the 7-piece ensemble from South Africa led by Cape Town artiste, "Snow". And a Senegalese drumming ensemble led by Master drummer, Lamin Nanky.

Thus, in essence a good time will be had by all. There will be a lot of fun: a lot of singing, dancing, and laughter. You would not want to miss the multicultural dancing group performing the African popular dance (Soukouss) from the Democratic Republic of Congo.

As usual, DJ Joe will provide the recorded interludes between the live music and the rest of the night. So, come and dance the night away!

Join the fun and laughter!!

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