Saturday, July 03, 2004


Christine Achola has found a new home in Australia. Now, she believes she has a clear vision of what she wants to accomplish. To begin with, she wants to improve her skills, get a good job in her chosen profession, and educate her children for a better life in Australia.

Indeed, Christine has come a long way. She was born in Obbo, near Torit in Eastern Sudan. She arrived Australia in 1988 after walking for three months over unforgiving wilderness from Sudan to Ethiopia; seeking refuge from the fighting in her home country. She was hungry, frightened, and weakened by sleeplessness. Yet, she prevailed. This was the beginning of her long walk to freedom.

Meanwhile, she is extremely delighted to be an Australian. "This place is good” she says with a broad smile, “you can’t hear the gun shots here (or loud explosions)”. In other words, there is no war of national liberation Down Under. No militia activities to worry about. Nor famine. Nor torture. In fact, Christine is quite happy with her new life; it is a relatively relaxed and comfortable lifestyle for a woman who spent years in a refugee camp in Ethiopia.

Christine is, indeed, a supermum because she fulfils herself by putting her family first, over and above all other considerations. She is the sole bread winner, and head of the household. She supports herself and her children on one income; having separated from her husband years ago.

But being a supermum is not all fun and games. There is a great deal of responsibility involved. Christine has assumed complete financial control over rent, food, medicine, schools fees, uniforms, transport, entertainment, and pocket money for her children; without any outside support.

Furthermore, as an African-Australian woman, Christine says she has experienced racism in Australia. “I have heard negative comments and racist remarks directed at me as I go about my daily business” she says, “but that does not bother me”. She is not daunted. Nor is she in any way bitter about her experience. Over the years, she has learnt to deal with adversity through positive thinking – a great lesson to all of us.

Thus, with her shyness and ladylike demeanor, Christine continues to strive for success, obviously believing that the world is hers for the taking. She has done very well for herself here: managing the home, taking care of her five children, studying to improve herself, and working hard on her “Hair and Beauty” business to supplement her income.

She is a lovely woman and a wonderful mother.

As a qualified accountant who could not get a job because no-one would recognize her qualifications, running a small business comes as second nature to her. And she is on the verge of a major break-through in building a home-based business and generating a good income stream for the future. The sky is the limit!

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