Friday, July 30, 2004


A big smile broke out on his face as he landed in Australia.  It was a long journey but Ismail Madhi has finally made it.  He has successfully reunited with his family after years of  separation and loneliness.

Ismail, 22, was born and bred in Port Sudan.  He is one of four children of a once prominent Sudanese merchant.  He  arrived Australia a few years ago after living as a refugee in Egypt for 10 years. 

 “I like Australia”  he said, because “there is so much that is wonderful about the place”.  And he loves the Australian landscape and the flora and fauna.

His story is one of  hope and survival in an alien environment.

Ismail still thinks  he is “better off now”; more so than he was in Africa.  And he believes he has a  “great future in  Australia” , despite the daily struggle for survival, the non-recognition of his academic credentials and the myriad problems of  resettlement.

“You can study and acquire new skills here” he maintained, “there are countless opportunities ”  for self-improvement.

Meanwhile, Ismail has a message for all new arrivals in Australia:  “Work hard and never give up, no matter what";  for, as the saying goes, every cloud has a silver lining.













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