Sunday, October 24, 2004


Using humor as a means of survival, Africans can laugh at themselves as they do their daily battle. But it’s a very serious matter when it comes to their music and entertainment.

Readers of this piece will be delighted to know that Africa’s creative impulse is alive and well in Australia, as the new generation of African migrants and refugees make their presence felt throughout the land.

The new arrivals are spearheading the cultural revival movement. And John Deng, Aluong Nyandit, and Lem Ajith who joined the Paradise High School in South Australia this year are displaying great skills on the drums.

John, 14, openly admitted to the Sunday Mail reporter that he used to play the drums when he was a little boy in Kenya.

Indeed, the Africans are in a celebratory mode!

And, today, the lucky Australians, no doubt, will feel the spirit of Africa, the humor, and laughter, when the young New Age drummers perform at the Multicultural Festival to be held at Thorndon Park Reserve, Hamilton Terrace, Paradise.
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