Monday, December 13, 2004


Africans love the Café Enfield because “it is a home away from home”; a family friendly centre, a haven for new migrants and refugees. The hub of the community!

Café Enfield provides a range of activities for adults and children alike. It is a good place for individuals and families to meet other families in a non-threatening environment. And learn new skills. Or have a good cup of coffee. Or chat. Or read stories to children.

There is always something new at Café Enfield; something for everyone. A visit to the establishment is an interesting experience in its own right.

I remember my visit with fun memories. It was one of the best invitations I ever had.

In actual fact, Café Enfield is a new model of service delivery that is becoming increasingly popular with the new generation of African families in South Australia.

The result speaks for itself! Undoubtedly, it is an impressive sight to see the harmonisation of interests between the service providers and their clients at Cafe Enfield. A shared sense of purpose, of joy, and of celebration. Thanks to the efficient and effective management!

“My job at the moment is to build a good relationship with African women and children attending Café Enfield every Tuesday”, said Fran Stokes, the energetic coordinator of the program and the brain behind the Sudanese playgroup. “There is still a lot of work to be done”.

Fran has other more creative things in mind: “Eventually, I am hoping to recruit interested African women to work as care providers for the Family Day Care program”, she said in her usual ladylike and professional manner.

There are often self development opportunities for parents available at Café Enfield; including parenting workshops for new mothers, budgeting, cooking, computing, and even volunteering.

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