Saturday, December 11, 2004


Access to the mainstream childcare services is an expensive proposition for the poor African families trying desperately to make a living in Australia today. And most new arrivals just cannot afford the luxury of such services.

But change is in the offing! And Fran Stokes, a concerned citizen and an experienced multicultural fieldworker, is on a mission to address the African disadvantage.

In fact, she has dedicated her life’s work to helping the new arrivals; providing quality childcare projects in the emerging African community in South Australia.

“I am so much looking forward to supporting the African community in starting their own childcare businesses and looking after African children while their mums work, study, or have a break”, Fran said, thoughtfully.

“I understand their child rearing practices are different from our own and they do not work in isolation…I believe that in time we will get the best of both worlds working in harmony”.

Thus, to make her dream come true, Fran is working closely with the African community here; building an effective relationship with the African women and children in order to facilitate change.

Fran, undoubtedly, deserves our full support.

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