Friday, February 25, 2005


The Adelaide Film Festival 2005, in South Australia, opens with two outstanding feature films on African-related themes: the “Hollow City” by Maria Joao Ganga; and “Moolaade` ”, a feel-good Senegalese film by Ousmane Sembene.

To start with, the “Hollow City” is a story of a 12 year-old little boy named N’dala who is orphaned by the civil war in Angola and brought to the capital, Luanda, by a nun. It is a powerful portrayal of the harsh reality of survival in Angola’s uncertain political landscape.

In his feature film, Moolaade`, Ousmane Sembene, the 82 year-old father of the Senegalese cinema, directly confronts the scourge of female genital mutilation; focusing on two emotionally-charged concepts in contemporary popular discourse - asylum and female circumcision.

The highlight of this year’s film festival is the Australian premiere of Moolaade` and the Hollow City; a sentimental journey through African culture and history.
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