Wednesday, April 13, 2005


Encouraging the new generation of Africans to drive safely has helped transform Abdi Nuh’s driving school into a centre of success. So what motivates this budding entrepreneur? And what makes Abdi tick?

“I set up the 21st Century Driver Training School because I believe people should learn how to drive safely”, says Abdi, a Somali refugee from way back and a former taxi driver with several years experience on Australian roads. “Safety on our roads is extremely important…Besides, good driving is needed to save lives”.

Nevertheless, we learn to drive by driving but defensive driving is an attitude.

As a devoted family man with a beautiful wife and two lovely kids, Abdi is passionate about safety and defensive driving in the suburbs of modern cities. He loves his work as a driving instructor and business is booming.

“The African youths, in particular, should be taught to drive safely as soon as they arrive in Australia”, so says Abdi, the guru of defensive driving.

In fact, Abdi admits he is having fun doing what he likes to do most - teaching others to drive well.

He is increasingly training and assessing the driving skills of the new migrants and refugees; having positioned himself as the trainer of choice in the emerging African communities in Australia.
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