Tuesday, April 12, 2005


Tying the knot can be a whole lot of fun, if you are as sentimental as Abraham Koor Abuol, aged 32, and Ms. Anger Maker Lual, 24, who were recently united in a holy matrimony in the Eastern suburbs of Melbourne, in Australia.

The bride and groom are well known refugees from the Dinka-Bor country in Southern Sudan. And both are devoted Christians of the Anglican faith.

It was a perfect match - a mixture of the old and the new, so to speak. The bride price was a paltry sum of 100 cows duly paid to the family of the bride, as a gesture of love and sincerity; according to the age-old tradition.

Clear evidence of passion, charm, and character was present throughout the colorful ceremony; showcasing the best of what African-Australians can offer in the new marriage order.

Needless to say, everything went according to plan. The lucky couple, Abraham and Anger (Angkaa), were extremely delighted! So were their close friends and relatives.

Thus, when all was said and done, the invited guests were treated to a sumptuous dinner and entertainment; including traditional music and dancing, often punctuated with speeches and laughter well into the night.
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