Thursday, May 05, 2005


He has every reason to smile, but there are new challenges ahead. Kuir Pager Alaak, 19, is a charming, highly motivated, young man from war-ravaged Sudan, who has just been admitted to an undergraduate program at the university of South Australia.

“I enjoy the challenge of studying at the university”, he said. “This is what I always wanted to do…I’ve been working hard”.

Kuir is a young man on a hurry, intelligent, competent and disciplined; a “Lost boy” made good. His achievement, so far, is even more remarkable given the fact that he grew up without parental guidance and control. He is one of the 200,000 or so children who were separated from their families because of the civil war in Sudan.

Soon after he arrived in Australia as a wide-eyed teenage refugee (a few short years ago), Kuir took to education and training like ducks to water; and has never looked back.

Meanwhile, he is seriously working and studying and making the most of his new life in Australia.
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