Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Dreaming of the Promised Land

The road to the Promised Land is not for the tenderfoot. But dozens of hardworking farmers across Australia have shown real interest in taking up the offer of free land and tax free farming opportunity in Kenya and Tanzania, despite the risk.

The free land sweetener offered by the African countries to boost agricultural productivity is great news to the experienced and well resourced farmers. This is a value proposition that is virtually unheard of in today’s highly competitive marketplace. And those farmers who are looking for a good investment outlet and a new challenge are responding accordingly.

In South Australia, for instance, the newly established African Chamber of Commerce (AFRICOM) have been inundated with calls by the long-suffering farmers who see the Promised Land as an attractive proposition, a great opportunity for the future!

But, first, they must learn the language, the culture, and the African tradition, although such great learning is not a prerequisite for entry.

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