Wednesday, July 06, 2005

The Act of Giving and Sharing

African refugees in Australia are showcasing their traditional ideals of philanthropy by helping each other on a daily basis; giving and sharing their priceless little possessions and aspects of their culture.

In its contemporary form, African philanthropy is a survival mechanism designed to help the new arrivals come to terms with the immediate problems of adaptation to the new environment. The aim is to facilitate the smooth transition to a new and better life.

Concerned with issues of poverty and inequality, African philanthropists reach out to those in need. And giving and sharing have reached new heights!

People like Johnson Buol Juuk knows what it means to be poor; and what charity is all about. He works with the new arrivals; helping out whenever he can; winning friends and touching many hearts in the emerging communities.

And Johnson is a kind and generous soul, a Sudanese refugee with a golden heart. He obviously likes to help the new comers read and write; acting as an interpreter and trying desperately to bridge the yawning communication gap between people of diverse cultures.

The talk in the street is that Johnson wants to play a key role in the development and implementation of African language programs in South Australian schools.

And he is well qualified to do the job!

He is a native Dinka speaker, with a good knowledge of the Dinka Culture and lifestyle.

Thus, the point to note is that the act of giving and sharing has become a fundamental means of helping those in need and managing the African disadvantage.
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