Tuesday, July 12, 2005

New Breed of Workers

A completely new specie of the proletariat has been found in Australia. The Prime Minister, John Howard, announced this significant discovery in a landmark speech to business leaders last night. He described the new class of workers as those workers who are willing to put Australia’s long term interest before their own.

Meanwhile, nobody knows exactly how large this new specie might be. And any attempt at accurate classification has so far proved fruitless.

In fact, all what we know at the moment is that the new breed is white-collar and blue-collar; including “knowledge workers”.

“They work each day in our factories”, so says the Prime Minister. They also work in “Our businesses, our great service companies, our farms and mines”.

This is good news for the Australian economy of the 21st Century. These highly productive “enterprise workers” know that businesses must be successful for their jobs to be secured.

They also know, in their heart of hearts, that it is the right of managers to manage and workers to do as they are “told”.

Nevertheless, the distinguishing feature of the new breed of Australian workers is that they are very relaxed and comfortable with workplace reforms; even if that means a drastic reduction in wages and conditions.

Thus, the new specie of the proletariat is a highly skilled group of workers united by an attitude of mind – workers who can single-handedly change the fortunes of most industries.
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