Friday, August 26, 2005

African Soccer Players in Australia

The White City Soccer Club in South Australia has decided to open its doors to the African-born recruits, in an attempt to break down racial barriers. Consequently, the new migrants and refugees are making their presence felt in the highly lucrative sporting arena.

The new sensibility in the club’s recruitment policy has already yielded some positive results. The new recruits now come from a wide range of countries; including Liberia, Ethiopia, Sudan, Kenya, Nigeria, and Sierra Leone.

Nevertheless, while crossing the cultural divide may not necessarily lead to nirvana, there is a golden opportunity for progressive clubs to make use of a highly motivated African outfit; and benefit from the experience.

In fact, the talk in the street is that anyone skilful enough to play soccer in Australia will be given a chance to do so. And the gifted and dynamic African players are already queuing up to showcase their skills.
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