Sunday, August 28, 2005


The homeless man goes everywhere
But nowhere in particular
He wants a home
But finds none
The park bench is his bed,
And the old bag his pillow.

All alone and lost in the city of light
There is no home but gloom,
Nothing but the dog of despair
A phenomenon that haunts him everyday.

The homeless man is a desperate soul
The poorest of the poor
Struggling for survival in this ancient land
Sleeping under the stars
As providence looks down on him
Watching over his every move,
Out of sight of ordinary mortals!

Yet, beyond the city lights
Darkness covers the land
A sense of loneliness overwhelms him
As he searches in vain for a place
Amongst the refugees and migrants;
In the cold heart of the concrete jungle
Home is nothing but a distant dream. Grim reality!

Not even the sun can warm
His lonely heart (nor dry his tears),
Only true love and care will do!

Copyright © Lawrence T. Udo-Ekpo 2005
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