Sunday, August 14, 2005

The Lost Boys in Australia

In the fullness of time
The mighty hand of fate guided the lost boys
From Africa to the land Down Under
And changed their lives forever.

It was a journey like no other,
An emotional journey to the world “unknown”!
Yet, the young victims of war kept plodding along;
Weathering the violent storm;
Flying over the hills and the mighty oceans
And finding their way across the sea of change.

Then, as the new day dawns in the silent Land of Oz,
The lost boys of Sudan make their presence felt
And their new life begins in earnest.
“We have arrived”, a voice said, reassuringly.
“Thank heavens…We’ve finally made it to safety”.
Tears of joy spring from their eyes,
It was a wonderful antipodal day;
And a magical moment for all!

The lost boys came with nothing,
Nor parents, nor money; nor worldly goods
But their golden hearts and dreams;
Largely driven by the quest for refuge
In the sun-burnt country
Beyond the distant horizon!

And yet, despite the ravages of time,
The lost boys have survived and thrived,
Under the most difficult circumstances
Sowing the seeds of hope!
And apparently comfortable with the images
Of the modern suburbia.

Now, a promising new life emerges like a spring flower;
Filling their lonely hearts with joy
And healing the deep wounds of war.

Copyright © Lawrence T. Udo-Ekpo 2005
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