Wednesday, September 28, 2005

The Chants of the Lost Boy

Upon becoming the youngest victim
Of Africa’s longest war,
Oku began his long journey of survival.

He came to the ancient Land of Oz,
Like a stranger in the night
Searching for a refuge.

The gentle wind swept away his fears
And his new love softened the pain of transition;
Heralding an exciting new beginning.

From the nearby hills
A red kangaroo watched with interest;
Scrutinizing his every move like a hawk!

The kindly full moon adorned the sky
Lighting his winding path
To the land of his dreams.

Finally, the “Lost Boy” made good;
Embracing at last the safety of isolation
A dose of inner peace liberates his consciousness.

Yet, he struggled to establish his bearings;
Waiting anxiously for the morning light
Still to come – if not the challenges ahead.

But like Lazarus of old,
He would never say die despite the pain
And the trauma of transition.

Copyright © Lawrence T. Udo-Ekpo 2005
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