Monday, September 26, 2005

Diversity Works!

The “Diversity Works” program is part of the Australian government’s multicultural policy, implemented by the Department of Immigration and Multicultural and Indigenous Affairs.

The program encourages and supports Australian organizations interested in using elements of cultural diversity in the workforce to optimize performance, promote innovation and connect with the new and emerging communities.

Furthermore, the Diversity Works program encourages the removal of impediments (such as prejudice and discrimination) to the effective participation of culturally and linguistically diverse employees in the workforce.

The Department produces resources such as training materials, and publishes case studies of businesses that are succeeding in using their employee’s language skills and knowledge of other cultures to:

• Trade with other countries and move into new markets

• Create new products lines or improve existing ones to meet the needs of overseas markets

• Market products to different migrant communities in Australia

Under the “Diversity Works!” program, strong partnerships have been established with a number of leading Australian corporations to promote the use of foreign language skills, business networks and market knowledge to Australia’s advantage.

This goes to show the extent to which cultural diversity can be used as a potent instrument of profit maximization.
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