Sunday, October 09, 2005

My Brother's Keeper

The best way for the African migrants and refugees to secure a future in Australia is to create it. And, if the recent development in the educational sector is any indication, Africans are working within the school system to help young people realize their potentials.

The professional men and women in the new and emerging African communities in South Australia are volunteering their services to bridge the cultural gaps; helping the youths acquire relevant skills and listening to community concerns.

The talk in the street is that the new breed of African philanthropists is performing socially useful functions.

They are feeding the poor, educating the youths, and mentoring the new arrivals; helping the lost boys find their way in the mainstream Australian society.

In fact, the need for survival is overwhelming. And Africans are helping each other come to terms with life in the periphery of the post-industrial society.
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