Thursday, November 17, 2005

The Bogus Woman

The Bogus Woman is a powerful and explosive piece of theatre which Daniel Clarke, the energetic theatre director/producer, has decided to bring to South Australia as part of the Adelaide Fringe Festival, from February 25 to March 19 2006.

This is the story of a young African woman who has to flee her country for her life and tries to seek asylum in London. What follows is the atrocious way in which she is dealt with by the State - humiliated, abused, interrogated and locked up.

Winner of the First Fringe Award at the Edinburgh Festival, The Bogus Woman (by Kay Adshead) is a work of great potential – a passionate and committed piece of theatre that must be seen by all.

It, vividly, dramatises not only the unrest at Campsfield Detention Centre but also the thuggish and often racist backlash that followed. The protagonist describes in harrowing terms the Centre’s “prison for profit” regime.

The beauty of The Bogus Woman lies in the fact that it is empty of dogma and reveals, remorselessly, the human consequences of the asylum seeking system.

In fact, this work has the power to change many hearts and minds. The piece has also been accepted as part of the Fringe Youth Education Program which is specifically aimed at schools.

The Bogus woman is a well researched play and one that must be taken seriously, whatever your thoughts about political theatre may be. It is likely to draw a large audience in Adelaide during the Fringe Festival.
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