Tuesday, January 03, 2006

What will you do to help the African refugees in Australia this year?

Community Centre
I will open up an African community centre: a place where Africans can come and share their feelings and think of a better way of helping each other.
- Sindi Swao.

Help them get a job
Motivate them! I will teach the new arrivals how to communicate effectively with others and help them get a good job.
- Genet Kabede

The secret of survival
Share the secrets of survival (in an alien environment) with the young and old; and, more importantly, instil the value of hard work.
- M. Adamu

Listen and Assist
I will spend a great deal of time listening to their concerns; helping them with their immediate needs; and encouraging them to go for their dreams.
- Lilliana Zacarias

Knowledge of the Issues
I strongly believe that knowledge of the issues affecting Africans in Australia is extremely important. I will listen and learn from the new arrivals; helping them to understand the Australian culture. But I will advice them not to forget their roots.
- Aden Mesganaw

Provide Education
As far as I am concerned, education is the number one priority. I think it is important to help the new comers get a good education or training; encouraging them to accept new ideas. Nevertheless, they should not abandon their own culture.
- Nahid Ali

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