Thursday, May 11, 2006

Searching for Self

He came to the land Down Under
Frantically searching for self;
Showing tremendous courage
And nobility of purpose.

He is the brave survivor
Of Africa’s long wars and famine
The fighter of hunger and starvation;
A struggling soul in need of refuge!

Now, with his creative mind
Partly consumed by joblessness
And tormented by the weekly rent
He remains a stranger with no luck!

A sensitive being from way back
Doing the daily battle for survival
An innocent life fractured by emotions
As anger, sorrow and fear take their toll.

At dusk, he retreats to his humble abode
Sitting like an orphan in a cold and lonely night
Hopelessly lost and suffering in silence
A dejected soul in the suburb of light.

But, despite the meaninglessness of life,
His fighting spirit remains undiminished
The pain, suffering and degradation
Only fuelled his desire to prove himself.

His main goal is “to be somebody”
And to lead a life of love and compassion,
He wants to be more creative and successful
Where others have tried and failed.

Thus, as the unsung hero of the struggle,
He knows too well that things are changing
And that living under a different sun
Can be a rewarding experience.

He now believes there’s a glimmer of hope
A relief of some sort to soften the pain; and yet
As the earth moves, the future remains uncertain
Living on the edge is not for the faint-hearted.

© Lawrence T. Udo-Ekpo
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