Sunday, June 11, 2006

Christ Ambassadors Mission

African migrants and refugees in Australia are experiencing something of a religious revival, as their persistent search for meaning continues during the early years of arrival.

But, for the spiritually aware, it’s nothing short of an epiphany, the manifestation of a supernatural or divine reality, during this period of transition and great upheaval.

Most of the new arrivals have joined the existing mainstream churches; while others are constantly seeking spiritual paths of their own through individual efforts and private prayer meetings in small groups.

“Our mission is to spread the word of God and everyone is welcome to pray with us", so says Samuel Dirosimi William. “We are an inclusive community”.

Samuel is a refugee from the West African nation of Sierra Leone and the co-founder (with Dennis Ellie) of the Christ Ambassadors Mission (CAM).

He is a committed Christian with strong moral principles, a true believer in the divine intervention. For him, the formation of CAM is a significant development in more ways than one. A dream comes true!

In fact, Samuel strongly believes that the problems of survival in the new and emerging African communities in Australia can be solved through Christian teaching and the application of Biblical principles.

He often speaks, eloquently, of the need for the good old, Christian, values of love and compassion; focusing on the desire to help the poor and the homeless.

The newly established church, Christ Ambassadors Mission, holds its weekly service in a temporary location in down town Adelaide, South Australia.
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