Sunday, April 29, 2007

Coming to Australia

A fantastic world premier of Coming to Australia took Adelaide city by storm this week, as the young Africans shared their personal stories.

It’s an epic story of the African refugees in song, dance and drama – a journey into the mind of the new arrivals.

They came in dribs and drabs from the refugee camps in Kenya, Ethiopia, Somalia and the Sudan to make a new life for themselves in the land Down Under.

Performed at St. Mary’s School, Franklin Street, Coming to Australia is a truly engaging musical extravaganza. It’s a show like no other; featuring young people from Africa’s long wars.

Shedrick Yarkpai provided the music, lyrics and choreography.

The cast of Coming to Australia included young dancers and singers such as Rebecca Freeman, Tina Kamara, Precious Norman, Tutu Gbala, Princess Dunn, George Moore, and Nimiro Unzi.

This ambitious project was directed by Rob Crosser and David Roach. The colourful production revealed interesting stories, fantastic music, and exhilarating dance of the new arrivals.

The show left a lasting effect on the audience as the young refugees combined their talents to deliver the total entertainment package; singing songs of freedom.
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