Saturday, March 22, 2008

The Good People of Dorrigo

The residents of the small community of Dorrigo in New South Wales, Australia, have opened their hearts and minds to African refugees; deliberately inviting them to settle in the local community, according to the recent ABC-TV program.

The program focused on the plight of African refugees in the post-resettlement period; tracing the journey of Martha Malou, Martin Majok and their six children as they try to adjust to life in the new environment; doing the daily battle for survival in Dorrigo community.

Nevertheless, the point to note is that the good people of Dorrigo are prepared to support the new comers by providing food, shelter and clothing during the early days of arrival, despite the ongoing tension about the refugees elsewhere in the nation.

They, definitely, want the best for the African refugees in Australia.

It seems to me, quite clearly, that the destiny of the local community and that of the refugees are now very closely intertwined. Hard-wired to work, the Africans are ready for the new challenge and are feeling at home in Dorrigo community.

Some are working hard to improve themselves in so many ways and are doing it in style.

“I want to be Australian citizen because I want to be part of the community”, so says Martin, who is now working and studying and making a new life for himself in the thriving Dorrigo community Down Under.