Sunday, December 28, 2008

Dreamtime Tales

the dreamtime tales
of wonder sublime; imagining
the mysteries
of the divine consciousness
under the glow of your essence

you shine
the light on the immortal
longings of the
lonely soul under the watchful
eye of the rainbow

frisky hormones
on the rampage; deflowering
the cell nucleus
in the primordial pond
of ravishing beauty

the microbes
also have their special night
of surreal pleasure
cradling the mystic egg before
the golden dawn

across the dark matter
(in the blissful realm) I witness
the glorious birth
of the cosmic nymph, a flurry of
love particles over the crescent moon

the electrons in
the scarlet clothing of desire
profoundly seduced
by the magic protons under
the trembling beam of light

love blossoms in
earnest; feeding the flame...
nourishing the lonely
soul with sweet thoughts of life
endowed with endless joy

i sow the holy
seed of destiny with great delight
seeing the divine truth ...
feeling the eternal beauty of pure
love emanating from the single spark

© Lawrence T. Udo-Ekpo
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