Sunday, December 06, 2009

Alone and Aimless

alone and Aimless…
the luscious flower of the heart
quivers in the gentle
wind of dawn; longing for the mystic
tongue, the sensitive flame of passion foretold

yet, beyond the gloom,
near the musical spring of pure joy,
a new light flickers in earnest...
banishing loneliness as love particles fill
the air and gladden the hearts of many

tempting colours
of oneness sublime; testing the
limits of creation; forcing
the blooming flower (and the bee)
to behave in mysterious ways

she danced with me
in silence; sowing the sacred
seeds of joy within

overwhelmed by her
fragrance, I seek the divine counsel
of the ageless Eros, son of Ares,
who strongly believes she is ripe
for the picking (in more ways than one)

my heart jumps for joy…
how precious is the moment
when fortune smiles?

flushed with emotion
we jump over the rainbow
hand in hand…
finding solace under the
sumptuous wings of desire

i paint
her glorious Petals with glee;
calming her nerves…
sampling the divine nectar with
intense feeling of pure love

© Lawrence T. Udo-Ekpo