Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Nubian Night

my soul grows stronger
and stronger as the rainbow lorikeet sings
the song of freedom
turning the Nubian night of hopelessness
into the golden dawn of optimism...
wiping away the tears of many

the delicate drop of joy
lies like a lover in my arms.

then, as the love molecules dance
to the rhythm of the earth; opening
the tender heart of mercy
the new dawn sows the sacred
seeds of harmony; feeding the
hungry mouths in the ‘hood

now, even the gods also speak of the Day of Light 
when the refugees from Eden play the divine melody.

always in motion, the wandering moon
comes to the party with a bagful of dreams
capturing the spirit
of the moment; (musing of happier times…)
banishing poverty and inequality
across the ancient land of many colours

how sweet is the moment when
laughter finds a new home of desire?

© Lawrence T. Udo-Ekpo

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

The Divine Poetry of Survival

peter sits on the jagged
edge of time; dreaming of Home; immersing
himself in the divine
metaphors for survival in the cold cradle
of reason where sadness & joy cohere

then he wakes up
in triumph; riding the scarlet beam
of light across Jupiter’s moons;
searching for the lucid moment of wonder
the hidden Truth of life foretold

like a supernova
he tames the cosmic waves with gusto
dancing with the sun;
conquering Jupiter’s radiation belt in one
sweeping motion (faster than the speed of light)

i watch as he emerges
from the dark side of the Titan moon
of Saturn, with a handful
of blazing quasars; wearing the luminous
rings of exquisite beauty

yet, he runs into
some challenging questions about
the human condition
and the origin (and quality) of life
on the fringes of the fecund universe

like a mysterious
ball of light, he floats over the glorious
land of dreams before dawn;
spreading love molecules; carrying the secret
code of destiny with great delight

now, he swims
in the living waters of time
this Nubian dude
reading the divine poetry of survival
in exotic places of the heart

© Lawrence T. Udo-Ekpo