Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Springtime of My Life

tasting the glorious Dawn
of spring, I open slowly like the fragrant
flower of wonder; revealing
the inner light of my soul

i hold her in my delicate eyes
under the green light of Eros; longing for
the first fruit of the vine; thinking
of the naked virtues of spring foretold

like love particles, I soar from
the mystic pond of time in purple splendour;
cracking the secret code of endless pleasure
in the springtime of my life

in a blaze of sound
and colour, I glide through the realm
of pure love in gleeful rapture; melting into
the immortal beauty of her essence divine

we bathe in the blue waters of life under
the overwhelming influence of love molecules;
opening the inner door of my heart;
plucking the rose in thoughtful silence

the nimble fingers of Spring
liberate my consciousness; energizing
my soul; probing into my innermost being,
in the defining moment of ecstasy

© Lawrence T. Udo-Ekpo
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