Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The Sacred Seed of Hope

like the fledgling eagle
of the realm, I fled the sorrows
of the ancient land
under the cover of darkness; going into exile
beyond the silver sea where dreams come true

yet, the powerful
currents of time envelop me in the cold
light of dawn
just as the purple flower of the heart blossoms
in earnest; carrying the sacred seed of hope

you anointed my
body with your kisses sublime
fanning the flame
of true love in the blissful
places of the heart

bathed in the Light
we melt into each other in the nick of time…
two souls become one
and a new life emerges: what an
overwhelming sense of joy!

pain and anguish
dissolve in the ferment of the moment
as the little drop of heaven
falls on my pillow; dancing with my
dreams; purifying my soul

intoxicated with love,
i crow like the golden cock in the
crack of dawn
breaking down the barriers…
awakening the inner fragrance of desire

now, I plant
my roots, firmly, in the crystal
heart of passion
rekindling the flame, the scarlet
light of love within

© Lawrence T. Udo-Ekpo