Thursday, June 02, 2011

The Dance of the Silver Sea

the silver sea
dances to the rhythm
of the earth
energizing my soul
yet, in this dream of mine
in this night of divine nakedness
and sacred bonding with
the beloved, I traverse
the luminous
landscape of destiny
flirting with
the autumn moon as the orange
blossom unfolds…
my wandering eyes turn to the blue
waves of desire near
the translucent island of wonder
where the yellow rose blooms
and Fortune sings
a lovely tune;
capturing the magic moment of bliss.
i venture into
the inner sanctum of the Moonflower
palace of the heart
holding a glimpse of the immense splendour
of your being; the secret code
of pure love contained.
now, I sit like a poet possessed
like a lonely flower
in the pond;
drinking of the wonderful thought of your
divine essences as the earth moves.
like the liquid flame from heaven, a taste
of your edible lips (and blossoming kisses)
my consciousness;
lifting the spirit;
wrapping me with the joyful song of love molecules
this precious moment,
two souls become one and indivisible;
dreaming of the golden home of beauty
built on
a single grain of atom

© Lawrence T. Udo-Ekpo