Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Seeds of Life

i seize the defining moment
of wonder as the earth-like planet sizzles
with the sweetest sounds of life
outside our solar system; reading the first stanza
of the divine poetry of desire.

then, I witness the birth of love particles
in the primordial pond of time in the transit of Venus
how delightful is the dawn of reason?
how wonderful is the thinking flower of your essence,
the splash of light on my humble soul!

the colourful
butterflies flutter ever so gracefully
in the glittering disc
of the youthful sun; sharing the gift of rose divine;
creating a brand new world of passion

inspired by the rising bloom of beauty,
the gentle thoughts of love tickle
my emotional bones
(in a romantic and ethereal sort of way)
this day of endless fun

i fly over the crescent moon in silence;
carrying the sacred seeds of life foretold;
melting into the luminous soul of the beloved
in the dreamy landscape of destiny; shining like the mystery
star of desire in the hidden places of the heart.

© Lawrence T. Udo-Ekpo