Thursday, May 31, 2012

Love Song from the Heart

i search for blossoms
along the winding path of destiny
finding your essence
the sensual lips of fire sublime

you are the fragrance of wonder
the delicate flower of the heart, whose gentle touch
heals the invisible wounds of time;
rousing the love molecules within

then, in my voyage of longing,
you sing to me like an angel on heat
like the songbird of the light
like the lover in the moist hour; nourishing my soul

how wonderful
it is to love and be loved (lighting up with smiles);
morphing into the heart of one so precious
the youthful spirit divine

i watch as you quiver with delight; beating
chaos into form; bubbling with desire
in a world illuminated by dark matter and
the powerful eyes of Venus

yet, the immense beauty
of your freshness liberates
my consciousness
the scent of honey delights

you are the divine petals of hope
the creative pollen of desire
the invisible flame of flames that
purifies my soul as I soar like an eagle

©Lawrence T. Udo-Ekpo

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