Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The Mystery of Survival

Love particles liberate my consciousness as she sings my name with flaming lips of desire. I savour the divine scent of jasmine with a smile.

 spring time…
the young lions on the move
sharing the moment

They walk across the glistening landscape, near the hill of promise, dressed in the vivid colours of the Dreamtime. A surge of pleasure as the new dawn approaches. But a bad patch in the City of Light changes everything. Time whispers. Hope withers and dies.

in the silver sea…
i sing the blues

In the darkest hour of need, text messages chatter and scream and ask for mercy. Only the moon comes to the rescue; energising my soul; dancing to the rhythm of the earth, this night of nights. The mystery of survival flows through my veins, like the gentle river of time; changing the face of the future for ever.

they come
like angels in the morning; sowing
the seeds of destiny

© Lawrence T. Udo-Ekpo

Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Tears in My Eyes

another day
in the school of hard knocks
tears in my eyes

waning moon…
spirits in the ‘hood

years of solitude -
i walk along the fatal shore
with tender foot

the silent cry
for help unheard,,,
famished night

on the wings of hunger
the lost boy
dreams of home

i sit like
an orphan betrayed
reading haiku

cloudy sky lingers
i touch
the broken hearts

© Lawrence T. Udo-Ekpo

Saturday, September 01, 2012

Wings of Spring

wings of spring
in my visual field
wattle blossoms

i walk lonely in the winding
path guided by
the light of a single atom

after the shower of love molecules
the sweet bud of time
dances in my veins

yellow moon
over the gum tree…
sound of spring

new seeds awake
from their winter dreams
rivers of nectar

rosemary in bloom
of wonder in my room

the rainbow lorikeet sings
the song of joy
capturing the moment

© Lawrence T. Udo-Ekpo