Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Morning Star

mysterious lights
in Utopia
christmas carol

nativity Down Under
i drift weightlessly with the
tides of devotion

dances on my pillow
morning star

the galah
in feeding frenzy
bird of desire

hormones jump for joy…
you fill my
heart with great promise

© Lawrence T. Udo-Ekpo

Monday, December 17, 2012

The Golden Sun

the sparkling spirit of the golden sun
runs through
my veins
like the fecund river of nectar
like the waves of delight at
the moment of ecstasy
transmitting the wondrous
seeds of passion in the moist hour

your star shines
ever so brightly under the rose petals;
my soul
this day of days…
the rainbow
lorikeet sings
a lovely tune

and the eucalyptus blossoms
as you anoint my body
with the magic fragrance of desire
sharing the inner glow of the moment
whose essence warms my heart; reminding me of
our mini universe of oneness
our love and solitude
our common destiny

oh the smiling sun
oh the beloved star
you are
the light of lights
the flowering symbol of fecundity
the treasure house
of promise; holding the luminous
pearl of my dreams

i embrace
the beloved in full view of
the rainbow warrior
just as the small sun flickers in the distance
over the silver sea…
the colourful butterfly
to the rhythm of the earth

you are the golden sun of wonder
the prettiest of the prettiest, the gentle
giant of my being; building the pillars of the earth
showing the light
in the darkest places of the soul;
the broken hearts
with the divine nectar of passion from beyond

© Lawrence T. Udo-Ekpo

Thursday, December 06, 2012

The Longest Day

The phenomenon of summer solstice is set to steal the show in Terra Australis as the festive season approaches. I watch as the darling mother earth jumps into the right orbit; holding the rainbow. And lining up the stars. This is the best preparation I have seen in ages. In fact, there is a gradual build-up to the longest day.

tickling the pulse of the universe
with glee
summer solstice

a thousand shades
of love in summer solstice
midsummer chic

i sit under the sumptuous wings
of summer solstice
sharing the light in silence

Behold a shift in the prevailing winds. The tropical cyclone waxes and wanes. The birds come home to play.  And the sea breeze delights.  There is a burst of energy in the realm as the sun worshippers count their blessings; feeding the restless spirit of desire.

the hand of summer solstice
in Findon
the shortest night of nights

summer solstice is born
yet, you sit like a soul possessed
holding up the sky

capturing the moment
with magical light
the eye of summer solstice

The way in which summer solstice influences human affairs is well known. It shapes our destiny; improving our knowledge of the universe; creating the symbols and rituals that facilitate our physical and psychological wellbeing.

tales from the cosmos
the scent of true love
under the light of summer solstice

you are the one
the summer solstice of wonder
painting the sky blue

i feel the presence of summer solstice
whose fragrance
purifies my humble soul

© Lawrence T. Udo-Ekpo