Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The Transit of Venus

My face glows with thoughts of delight as I observe the transit of Venus, a phenomenon that dwarfs the human mind; filling my heart with a sense of excitement and a good dose of pioneering energy. It is a sublime spectacle, a luminous landscape of promise; an enigma wrapped up in a riddle; covering hectares of heaven where the cosmic nymph sings and dreams come true.

with this iphone
i capture the transit of Venus
chasing dreams

learning to walk
along the transit of Venus
one step at a time

dark disk on the face of the sun
how cool is the kiss
of bliss in the transit of Venus

I sit like an angel on heat in the primordial pond of time drunk with love divine; looking at the poignant picture of the endless universe; the aching dance of day and night a pleasure to behold. Yet, a flash of love particles in the orbit of Venus captures the moment.

the lost boy in hot pants…
taking the
transit of Venus by storm

gold dust
in the transit of Venus
scent of the Big Bang

you shake off the blues
in the transit of Venus…
narrowing the distance between us

Who talks of entropy when there is so much love and energy in the discovery of exoplanets, a spontaneous explosion of aesthetic delight. The sun sings. The cosmic rose blossoms. A new river of nectar rolls into my visual field. And a new way of life emerges in the fecund universe of desire.

a still small voice echoes
in the transit of Venus…
the sound of love grass growing

i sail across the transit of Venus
with limpid eyes; reading
the secret fragments of life foretold

a flurry of love particles liberates
my consciousness; energizing my soul
in the transit of Venus

© Lawrence T. Udo-Ekpo

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