Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Autumn's Wake

Akim arrives with a pocket full of hope; looking for the transformative experience that would propel him to better and greater things. He is a refugee from way back who embraces the new life with gusto. Now, he sings his blessings as the earth moves. The cloud dances. And the air flows unhindered.

sound of silence
in the Struggle Street
fear of autumn

viola in bloom
who says
autumn is dead

cool days ahead
the maiden flight of the
autumn leaf

Essentially though, Akim is a young man in a hurry, a realist in the true sense of the word - a soul in need of succour. But there are enormous challenges ahead. His real dilemma is deciding how to do the daily battle for survival, as he takes a daring look at the food chain; finding the burgeoning contours of his world.

the warm
colours of autumn foretold
joyful garden

one day in Findon
i tweet
the glories of autumn

the butterfly
in her element
autumn chic

The thought of making it in the Land of Oz consumes him both physically and emotionally; affecting his every move. Now, he dreams of greener pastures; gazing at the falling leaf.

rose on my pillow

fruits of my labour…
the generosity of autumn
in my visual field

behold the golden
rays of the wandering sun
autumn wind

© Lawrence T. Udo-Ekpo

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