Monday, November 11, 2013

Images of Dreamtime

living the dream
is not for the faint-hearted
there are many twists and turns
along the scented lane

yet, I can see a speck of light
in my visual field
a scent of spring blossom
a drop of honey in the darkest hour of need

it’s a restless night
in Yawnsville
a night of pain and suffering
a deluge of endless sorrows…

i fall through
the cracks
of this colourful dream like the lost boy
battling the evil wind

i emerge from the chaos
like a hero. Like the true son of the soil
like a player in the game of chance
weaving the golden web of desire

and yet, the struggle continues as
i search for meaning. I approach
the food chain like a soul deprived
like the working bee on heat; thinking of first love

the quivering of the yellow moon
tickles my fancy. And I embrace the new dawn
with waves of lust. I liberate my soul. I worship in
the Temple of Hope in Terra Australis

i watch as the Priest of Hearts (this joyful soul)
wrestles with the golden birds of the realm
prowling the depths of emotion and devotion
speaking of heaven under the Star of David

my heart leaps for joy as the tiny
sparks of love particles dance to the rhythm
of the earth: probing, caressing
soothing the lonely hearts of many in Findon

i manage to utter a few words of praise
to all the gentle souls in the empire of dreams
feeding. Nourishing. Comforting the inner child
in the dreamless ‘hood of reason

© Lawrence T. Udo-Ekpo
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