Sunday, December 08, 2013

Nelson Mandela

end of the long walk
for one so great but your dream
of a rainbow nation
still runs deeply in my veins

i know you will not pass
this way ever again
yet, your light shines ever so brightly
in the minds of many who adore you

you are the beacon of hope for humanity
the patron saint of the down-trodden
father of the dispossessed
comforter of the weak, the deprived and fearful souls

i shelter under the sumptuous wings
of your moral universe; mining dreams
basking in your sublime presence
the power and the mystery of your greatness divine

you capture the moment with dignity and grace
shaking the foundations of the evil empire;
tearing down the walls of apartheid; praying
for peace and reconciliation for all; rescuing millions

deepest night: the cloud covers the moon
and death stalks the Chosen One as time grinds to a halt
and yet, the indomitable spirit
of this timeless hero is still alive and kicking

you are Madiba, the anointed one
the illustrious son of Qunu, the architect
of reason and justice, of forgiveness and hope
the faithful lover of peace and prosperity

behold the Great Mandela
a magical mind
of a thousand lights
transforming the moral universe

© Lawrence T. Udo-Ekpo
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