Sunday, December 01, 2013

Songs of Wonder

December dances in my orbit like a swarm of dreams; pacifying my soul; leading to the great transformation of complex emotions. There’s an excitement in the air as I glide towards the festive season made of poems.

the rainbow lorikeet
sings of love in the age of reason
breaking the cloud

The sensuous buds of the realm also make their voices heard; rapping upon the hill of freshness with laughing eyes; singing of love and poetry and emotion; capturing the sun and shadows; proclaiming the new day with youthful happiness (a task most noble).

death of spring blossom
yet, her beauty
shines through my soul

You ebb and flow like the tide of destiny; mending the broken hearts; fulfilling the dream. And yet, I yearn for your soothing fragrance in the living waters of life. I immerse myself in your essence sublime; changing my life forever. Things will never be the same again. Why am I so lucky?

i sing the
nuptial song with lips of fire
this glorious day

I hold the tender hands of Passion with lustful eyes; dreaming of heaven; seeing the delicate beauty in my visual field, the ripples of love divine. How wonderful is the rise of complex desires in the age of uncertainty?

i capture the love particles
in the fecund valley of delight…
unlocking the greatest
mysteries of the universe

© Lawrence T. Udo-Ekpo
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