Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Days of Solitude

after a thousand days of solitude,
i glide into the heart of the beloved
like the love bird of the realm
like this desert rose on a mission
breaking the back of adversity;
dining with the angels in the temple of capitalism

the golden moon
dances on my pillow
oozing love and desire
i taste the sublime freshness
of the baby universe
in the crack of dawn

i dwell in the crystal waters of your essence
the magic
fragrance of happiness
tinged with a wonderful
display of tenderness

the divine providence
shines upon me, this glorious moment;
blessing my soul and
liberating my consciousness
opening the quantum wave
of opportunity beneath
the skin of reality

i see the light of oneness in my orbit
as i feed the hungry soul
this day of days
i stand on the sumptuous wings of desire;
seducing the Divine
melting the cold heart of reason

you endow me with
the wonderful gifts of joy and inner peace
transcending the negative thoughts forever
i crack the secret code of survival
listening to the mesmerising sound of flowers
In this dream of dreams

©Lawrence T. Udo-Ekpo
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