Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Lonely Night

in the dark
and lonely night
i find the light
turning grief
into great relief

love birds
in the hot pockets of desire
whispers of the soul

how wonderful
is the love-light of the heart
forged in the tough furnace of perfection
at the dawn of time

i become the true son of the universe
sharing the moment;
kissing you with sparks;
stemming the tide of entropy forever

animated by the lifelong
dream of flying
i take the citadel of learning by storm

flushed with beauty
i dance with love particles on
the mound of Venus

out of the shadows
i worship on
the alter of your sweetness

you sing my name under
the rose petals
and the word becomes flesh

i touch the hand of the Divine
the creative spirit
who seduced me
in the primordial garden
blooming with desire

love flows through my veins
in the darkest hour
nourishing my soul

i drop the amour of destiny
opening the window of opportunity
in this voyage of wonder

© Lawrence T. Udo-Ekpo
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