Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Loving Touch of the Soul

i walk along
the luminous path of wonder
searching for the definitive
vision of reality
in the empire of reason
surrounded by an intimate assembly
of thinking moons;
reflecting on the sacred
spaces of dreaming
touching my heart with passion

my eyes kiss the light
as i listen in silence
feeling the power of your love
rousing the wandering
hormones of your existence
in the process
i embrace the new dawn
of dreaming like a soul possessed
like this naked duck gliding across
the surface of the pond scratching for a living

gone are
the wasted years of vanity
the naïve
world of boyhood
painted with
delightful colours of wonder
the universe
was young

i search for clarity
in the garden of poems
under the
magic fragrance of jasmine
yet, this tempting
moon continues to dance
on my pillow; spreading new photons of life
the fecund songs
of love divine

you light
my fire with
your loving touch; stealing my heart…
i experience
in the temple of the soul
sowing the sacred seed of destiny
this glorious
of nights

© Lawrence T. Udo-Ekpo
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