Monday, May 12, 2014

Songs of the Lost Boy

like a refugee from Mars
i arrive with nothing
nothing but the tears of sorrow in my eyes

lost in the ‘hood
only the moon comes to the rescue
providing succour; wiping away my tears
with a gentle hand of many colours

grains of love
on the fatal shore
feeding my hungry soul

i emerge from the thorn bush
of destiny with a necklace of poems
counting my blessings
drinking a wonderful cup of you

you whisper to me
in the moist hour; tempting me
with a drop of honey

i sense your sweetness in the air as i wander
into the wilderness with feet of clay
searching for the magic blossom
chanting the secret code of survival

new dawn. A ride on
the funky train changes everything
sowing the seeds of wonder

i search for the home
of my dreams divine; longing for you
like the true son of the soil
shining like the jewel of the Nile

i feast on the diet of pure love
cradling the baby universe with glee
a whiff of sunshine

my heart leaps for joy
as you sing my name under the rose petals
fanning the flame of passion
as the creative impulse flows

© Lawrence T. Udo-Ekpo

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