Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Sons and Daughters of Dreaming

they look beyond
the famish years of old
and the war’s clouding
view of the past…
tickling the rainbow
in a new world
of fun and laughter

how sweet is the music
of recovery in the game of life
when dreams come true
with golden hands of passion
seeking the true essence of things
the rising sun

waves of grain...
who says the new migrant does not
a good citizen make?

witness the rise
and rise
of a whole new world
of progress in African diaspora
a sense of optimism in the ‘hood of delight
a splash of colour
as the light of destiny glows
ever so brightly each passing day

the heart sings through
the imagined universe of the harvest moon
as the seed of life blossoms

it’s the rebirth of hope
in the secret places of the heart
a change in the human condition
in the new and emerging
communities Down Under

now that i have taken the path unknown
feeding the hungry child with joyful petals of light
the sons and daughters of dreaming have learnt their lesson
mastering the great art of survival;
awakening the internal rhythms
of the senses
in a complex society

© Lawrence T. Udo-Ekpo
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