Wednesday, June 01, 2016

The Black Light

on the threshold of success
i find your
the divine touch of light
in the
years of solitude

love particles glow
the fluorescent molecules
of black light
my senses forever

gone are the days
of doubt
and uncertainty
welcome to the dawn of laughter
and ambition
as i move
ever so gently
through the spaces of time
as the radiance of black light shines
before my very eyes
i discover the secret path to Utopia

i bathe in your sublime beauty
basking in the
eternal delight of your presence
as the cleansing power of black light blazes
under my skin
bestowing knowledge and wisdom
ushering in the glorious new age of truth
and transparency

i experience the New Way with
a real sense
of purpose. A new sense
of freshness. A sense
of sudden liberation. A whiff
of heaven in the ‘hood

i dine with the mysterious
of the realm
in the Caf├ęteria of shadows
the vivid colours of the light
as the centre of gravity shifts

i dance to the
of the earth
the nectar
of the first flower of time
and shooting for the stars

© Lawrence T. Udo-Ekpo

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