Friday, December 02, 2005

Christmas in Australia

Every year, the African community in Australia shows its vibrancy as families and friends gather to celebrate Christmas.

Now, the new generation of African philanthropists are out in full playing Father Christmas to the needy; bearing gifts, entertaining children in the new and emerging communities in Australia.

African philanthropists are ordinary men and women from all walks of life who show a great deal of love for humanity; performing charitable actions; donating money to those in need; including friends and relatives back home in Africa.

Thus, when it comes to the good old-fashioned charity, African philanthropists are hard to beat. And Christmas is one of their busiest seasons!

These idealistic Africans are showing the world that they are no pushover in the charity stakes, as they settle into their new life in Australia.

This Christmas though, the emphasis is placed firmly on “care and support” for the less privileged members of the new and emerging communities.

Indeed, Christmas is fun time in Australia. It’s also a time of reflection and generosity!

In Adelaide city, for instance, African residents (old and new) will get together to “Talk Africa”, during the long Christmas break; sharing the sweet and bitter memories of the Christmas past. And tales of the home they left behind!

The Nigerians will impress with a big multicultural party of their own as is always the case during the Christmas festivities Down Under. An extremely delicious pepper soup will be on the menu, just to spice things up a little bit. And yours truly will join the fun!

Furthermore, elsewhere in the neighborhood, the Christmas spirit is alive and well among the Sudanese Christians in South Australia – elements of the Dinka and Acholi communities are, definitely, in the festive mood.

“We are busy organizing our first Christmas party in Australia”, so says Pele Okumu, the foundation member of the newly established Acholi community Association in Adelaide city.

“It will be a good show…and everyone is welcomed to share in the joy of Christmas”.

But the secret is already out: the Acholis will offer some tantalizing Christmas dishes to tempt anyone who likes the traditional African food (and its post-modern derivatives).

The talk in the street is that African-Australians are big on Christmas spirit and everyone knows it. In fact, they have the best Christmas party in this neck of the woods.

Come to think of it, they are lighting up the suburbia with hopes of Christmas cheer and with a great deal of fun, food, and music.

Nevertheless, Christmas in Australia will be incomplete without a good dose
of generosity, hope, peace, security,and tolerance.

Indeed, charity and welfare play a vital role in feeding the poor and breaking down the barriers of race and inequality during the festive season.
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