Monday, May 13, 2013

Fairest Flower

you are the magic fragrance of desire
the lucid stream of beauty that flashes through
my transparent soul; anointing my
body with the balm of love
yet, the icy cold wind continues
to blow away my dreams;
clouding my vision
smashing my hopes on the fatal shore
this deepest night,
sleep deserts me in the land of sleep

and yet, I find myself
i glide into the sublime realm of solitude
like a poet possessed
like a wandering neutron in orbit
like a desperate winter’s soul
falling into the sensuous hands of spring
seizing the moment…
nurturing the inner child
in this garden
of fairest flowers

i taste your divine nectar with lips of fire
longing for more…
love particles liberate
my consciousness
this fragile moment of being
i swim in the golden river of time
finding the doorway to serenity where
hopes and dreams cohere
the passion flower blooms in earnest
brightening my days forever

© Lawrence T. Udo-Ekpo

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